What Fruits Can Budgies Eat?

Ever enjoyed a piece of fruit and wondered if your pet budgie can have a bite? If so, then this is the article for you. While it’s known that fruits are healthy, the challenge is that budgies will pretty much eat anything you give them, regardless of whether they’re good or not. 

So, what fruits can budgies eat? Budgies can eat apples (avoid the seeds), kiwis, melon, grapes, oranges, mangoes, lemon, bananas, berries, apricot, and pears. Keep in mind that fruits should only be fed a few times a week, as too much of them can be harmful to your pet bird’s health. 

To ensure your budgie is eating well, this article will go over the best types of fruit you can add to your bird’s diet, how you can encourage it to eat the fruit, how much you should feed, and other considerations you need to note. 

Let’s begin. 

Why feed fruits to your budgie? 

If this is your first time taking care of a budgie, you might have heard that feeding them pellets is ideal. This is true, as pellets are usually specially formulated to fulfill the nutritional needs of pet birds. 

That said, variety in a bird’s diet is always highly encouraged, and this is where fruits come into the picture. While they should only make up a small portion of your pet’s diet, fruits add so much flavor and taste into the mix while also bringing some welcome health benefits. 

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What Fruits Can Budgies Eat? 

To help you mix the ideal diet, here’s a list of all the best-tasting and healthy fruits your budgie can eat. 


Of course, it should go without saying that your budgie will enjoy apples. No matter the color and whether peeled or not, apples are a tasty and readily available treat with tons of vitamins that your budgie is sure to enjoy. Cut into small pieces to make it easier for your bird, and make sure to avoid apple pits and apple seeds as they are poisonous to birds.

Kiwi Fruit 

Kiwis are another all-in-one fruit you can throw into the mix. This is because kiwis contain nutrients that can keep your bird’s plumage healthy and shiny while also being an excellent fiber source. Kiwis are also full of water, so they can help hydrate your pet during hotter days. 


Whether it’s a melon, watermelon, rockmelon, or even a honeydew lemon, your budgie will surely enjoy this tasty treat. Like kiwi fruit, melons are also full of water, making for fantastic treats during hotter days. Just make sure to avoid overfeeding your bird, as too much can result in bird diarrhea. 


Grapes are another excellent addition to your bird’s diet. The great thing about grapes is that these fruits are excellent sources of potassium, manganese, vitamin A, and vitamin C. Together, these nutrients work together to keep your bird’s vision sharp and immune system strong. Best of all, grapes can be served both peeled and fresh. 


Of course, your budgie can enjoy oranges! Best served in slices, oranges can keep your bird’s vision sharp thanks to their high vitamin C content. That said, oranges should only be offered as an occasional treat, as these fruits are high in citric acid that can upset the stomach when fed too much. 


The high fiber amount of mangoes make them an excellent addition to a bird’s diet. Furthermore, these fruits also help prevent diarrhea and constipation while adding a healthy dose of nutrients. Additionally, the skin is also full of antioxidants, and your budgie will surely enjoy it along with the flesh.


When sliced into small portions, lemons provide the same benefits as oranges and are just as tasty. You also don’t have to worry about seeds or peel as they are not toxic in any way. However, like oranges, they also have high citric acid content, so be sure to feed in moderation. 


Bananas are also another common fruit that your budgie will enjoy. These fruits also don’t need preparation and are full of potassium which is beneficial to regulating fluid balance, nerve signals, and muscle contractions. 


The good thing about berries is that your budgie can also appreciate any kind you enjoy. You can also offer them either sliced or whole, though be prepared for a bit of a mess as these are juicy fruits. 


Because apricots are firm, they make for a very versatile treat that your budgie can enjoy. Just make sure you remove the seed, as this can be toxic for your pet. Other than that, cutting the flesh into smaller pieces should help your budgie.


Pears come in different varieties, although your budgie can enjoy all of them. The great thing about pearls is that they are incredibly high in antioxidants, which can help your bird fight off any diseases. 

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How to Feed Fruits to Your Budgie? 

Because fruits are often colorful and tasty, you might find these types of food more accessible to feed to your budgie. Nevertheless, going the extra mile by cutting them up into small pieces and mixing them in a plate should help.

As an extra tip, pick a colorful plate to put the fruits on and use it every time, as your budgie will eventually associate it with treats and the like. If you have some time, putting fruit bits in a string and hanging it in the cage will also make your budgie think it’s playtime, which is especially helpful.

Of course, hand-feeding fruits to your budgie is always highly encouraged. You can even let your budgie watch you “eat” so that they’ll know it’s safe. 

Finally, remember that fruits should only be fed a few times per week, as too much of these can harm your bird’s health. 

What Fruits Should Your Budgie Avoid?

Unfortunately, not every fruit is safe for budgies and knowing which ones are important if you want to include fruits in their diet. 

Fruits to avoid for your budgie include:

  • Apple seeds
  • Fruit pits
  • Avocado
  • Dates 
  • Lime
  • Pear Pips
  • Passion fruit
  • Grapefruit

Other than this, make sure to do your prior research before feeding your budgie something new or foreign.

As a general rule, it’s best to stick to pellets, bird seeds, vegetables, and the fruits we listed above to ensure your budgie stays healthy and safe. 

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No matter the occasion, fruits make for a great and tasty addition to your budgie’s diet. Not only are these readily available, but they are filled with nutrients that will boost your feathered companion’s overall well-being. 

Just make sure to only feed in moderation, and it won’t be long before your budgie starts preferring enjoying fruits alongside you. 

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